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Past Events

10-19-21 Ops EAA FY22 All Hands Mtg

October 19, 2021 - Operations EAA FY22 All Hands Meeting

The group's first all-hands meeting was held to review progress since the founding in April 2021 and to discuss FY22 planning.

Invited speakers included Joanna Martinez and Noah Schwartz.

View the slide deck.

September 29, 2021 - Future of Work Forum 2

The Future of Work Forum 2 aimed to provide updates on the flexible work toolkit and changes to on-site processes. This event was a follow-up to the first forum held in July. The purpose was to provide a platform for operations staff to address concerns related to the pandemic and returning to Lab sites.

07-20-2021 OCFO IDEA Council Brown Bag.mp4

Co-chairs Suksham Barun and Arica Chhay invited by Cynthia Sylvester and Manny Leanos to join the OCFO IDEA Brown Bag for an overview of the Operations EAA and following Q&A.

07-15-2021 Future of Work Forum.mp4

July 15, 2021 - Future of Work Forum 1

This forum kicked off a series of informational forums seeking to communicate updates operations and administrative staff about flexible working arrangements, potential impacts on ops staff, site access, and badge requirements. Learn more.

05-13-21 Onboarding Program Overview Ops Mtg.mp4

An overview of the new Berkeley Lab onboarding program and process presented for ops staff by Rachel Carl, Tammy Campbell, Angelic Lucero, and Teresa Short. View the meeting materials.

Ops Career Development Workshop 042321.mp4

The purpose of this inaugural event and future workshops is to highlight and serve the interests, talents, and professional development of current and future business operations staff at Berkeley Lab. Learn more.